Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Creating/Maintaining Boundaries 


Anxiety comes in many forms and the way that it can show itself is the following: panic/worry, trouble sleeping/insomnia, overthinking, etc. and it has the ability to impact one's day-to-day life/routine. My aim is to support clients to manage how they interact with anxiety by recognizing signs, acknowledging its impact, and finding ways to address and reduce the symptoms associated. 


Depression also has many faces and I have come to know it as having intense feelings, intense lethargy, lack of motivation, decreased mood, etc which also impacts one's day-to-day functioning and makes it difficult to engage in desired ways. My aim is is to support clients with identifying events/circumstances that may have contributed, address their impacts, and support with providing GRACE for a new normal to emerge.

Creating/Maintaining Boundaries

One of the most difficult tasks when it comes to dealing with others is creating and maintaining boundaries.  Having boundaries and learning to maintain them is important in interacting with others, knowing what feels comfortable and uncomfortable for you, naming them to yourself, and then exhibiting those behaviors. I wish to support clients by exploring how their lack of boundaries has supported or detoured them away from actions or desires that they've wanted for themselves and find ways to be accountable to this.