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“After the onset of the pandemic, global protests for Black Lives, and the obligation to continue maintaining a sense of productivity while in crises— I was experiencing unprecedented levels of deep anxiety and sadness. After a couple of unsuccessful therapist matches, I found Amber’s practice as I was desperately seeking a therapist that identified as a Black woman. 


During our consultation, I immediately clicked with her energy, authenticity, and approach to therapy. And after years of doing my own inner work and self-improvement, I cannot express how invaluable Amber’s insight, piercing questions, and guidance have uncovered things about myself I never recognized and improved my overall mental health and everyday functioning. It has been crucial to my healing to have a professional, non-judgmental, and intuitive perspective outside of myself to recognize patterns, blind spots, and the outdated modes of denial I've upheld to self-preserve. Amber is present, open, honest, gracious, and affirming but will check you and the negative thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you. 


Her commitment to the self-discovery, healing, and growth of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients—while still having to navigate her own experience coping with this same world— is why I am ever grateful for her help in my ability to live with presence and peace again. Give her ALL the flowers.”  - Former Client (CP)

I am very grateful that Amber came into my journey when I decided to continue with therapy. Working with Amber led me to start making changes and realize that there isn't a plan for my life that I need to follow rather I have control over what my life becomes. I have been a person that felt that in order to fit in, do what is right, and become better, I had to follow a plan.


Being a first-gen, Queer, Chicana, and daughter to immigrants, I learned to follow and do as I am told. As an adult, I came to understand, working with Amber, the level of trauma is embedded in my experience. One of the biggest lessons I am taking away from working with Amber is being gentle with myself and doing what I know can feel good. Although I do come from a loving family, that love can impact us as a child and have a trauma as an adult. I began to love those parts of myself that I have not cared for before. I continue to take care of my younger self to heal from moments that she felt she had to convince someone to love her. Healing is a process and it is not linear. I will continue to be gentle with myself and remind myself that the steps are worth celebrating because I am not where I was before. Thank you Amber for sharing this part of my journey. I hope we cross paths again. - Former Client (LG)

“There’s not a lot I can say without getting misty eyed… Amber came at such a pivotal moment in my life where I didn’t know how much I needed her. I had a previous experience with a therapist and I was left in such a weird place, not feeling accomplished at all. After my first session with Amber, I knew this experience was going to be different. Amber shed light on all the accessible tools I needed to cope with grief, loss, fear of succeeding, etc. I’m now aware and can identify triggers and where emotions arise from. While the work was a commitment, no part of it was hard. Amber created an environment where you wanted to be a better version of yourself. I am forever grateful to her️“ - Former Client (AM)

"I don't think I could have picked a better person to help guide me through the past 1.5 years of my life. Whether I knew it or not, when I met Amber, I was about to go through one of the most important transitions in my life. Thanks to her, I have successfully entered a new phase of adulthood with new tools in my toolbox for my mental health and wellbeing (and a couple EpiPens for when the sh*t gets real). I feel empowered to handle challenges that come my way, and empowered to give myself grace if I don't handle them well. I have much healthier boundaries in the workplace, with my family of origin, with my friendships, and in my love life. I have those boundaries because I’m less afraid to set them and more knowledgeable to recognize when they need to be set. Amber has helped me realize that who I am and where I am at is always okay and always enough. I'll never forget the lessons I've learned and I consider her an indispensable asset to anyone who is ready to grow into their best self." - Former Client (NS)

"I can say without exaggeration that my time with Amber has been transformational. When I met Amber I was going through several tectonic life shifts and she helped me develop a healthy relationship with my emotions. She showed me techniques that actually helped me learn to love myself instead of just telling me to love myself. Her ability to listen and understand, then push you to better understand yourself, is exceptional. She also helps you realize strengths you never knew that you had. 

I have been a long-term client of 3 therapists before Amber and she is the best. She isn't a passive therapist, she's an active partner devoted to helping you embrace yourself and the life you were meant to live." - Cient AT

"To, Ms. Amber Boyd, she really helped me these past five weeks on improving myself with anxiety and depression. She taught me to set boundaries against people that are taking up too much of my space and time. I've learned that I have to give myself grace through this process we call life and to move with passion. I'm thankful for her listening and understanding my background and to hear what I have been throughout my past 26 years. She encouraged me to be more extroverted and go after any and everything I want out of life. I am very thankful for what she taught and the sessions we partaked in." " - LH

"I am confident that the last few weeks I spent with Ms. Amber Boyd will have a lasting impact on me for the rest of my life. As I was transitioning into the next phase of my life, I realized I was hindering my growth by continuing in patterns that no longer served me. Amber not only helped me identify self-sabotaging actions I would take but had the patience and care to help me find the root of the problem, which allowed me to address these matters head-on.

In our sessions, Amber was honest and always held the mirror up to me. She helped me identify the role I play in situations that are not good for me, and encouraged me to have difficult conversations that would benefit my well-being in the long run. Throughout our work, Amber took the time to acknowledge my growth and positive habit changes, which reaffirmed that things do get better. Because of my time with Amber I can set healthy boundaries with my family, reaffirm my emotions, and now know that I am capable of putting myself first. Amber helped me realize that I have the power to control how I show up in the world and I am forever grateful to her."

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