“After the onset of the pandemic, global protests for Black Lives, and the obligation to continue maintaining a sense of productivity while in crises— I was experiencing unprecedented levels of deep anxiety and sadness. After a couple of unsuccessful therapist matches, I found Amber’s practice as I was desperately seeking a therapist that identified as a Black woman. 


During our consultation, I immediately clicked with her energy, authenticity, and approach to therapy. And after years of doing my own inner work and self-improvement, I cannot express how invaluable Amber’s insight, piercing questions, and guidance have uncovered things about myself I never recognized and improved my overall mental health and everyday functioning. It has been crucial to my healing to have a professional, non-judgmental, and intuitive perspective outside of myself to recognize patterns, blind spots, and the outdated modes of denial I've upheld to self-preserve. Amber is present, open, honest, gracious, and affirming but will check you and the negative thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you. 


Her commitment to the self-discovery, healing, and growth of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients—while still having to navigate her own experience coping with this same world— is why I am ever grateful for her help in my ability to live with presence and peace again. Give her ALL the flowers.”  - Former Client (CP)

I am very grateful that Amber came into my journey when I decided to continue with therapy. Working with Amber led me to start making changes and realize that there isn't a plan for my life that I need to follow rather I have control over what my life becomes. I have been a person that felt that in order to fit in, do what is right, and become better, I had to follow a plan.


Being a first-gen, Queer, Chicana, and daughter to immigrants, I learned to follow and do as I am told. As an adult, I came to understand, working with Amber, the level of trauma is embedded in my experience. One of the biggest lessons I am taking away from working with Amber is being gentle with myself and doing what I know can feel good. Although I do come from a loving family, that love can impact us as a child and have a trauma as an adult. I began to love those parts of myself that I have not cared for before. I continue to take care of my younger self to heal from moments that she felt she had to convince someone to love her. Healing is a process and it is not linear. I will continue to be gentle with myself and remind myself that the steps are worth celebrating because I am not where I was before. Thank you Amber for sharing this part of my journey. I hope we cross paths again. - Former Client (LG)

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**Please be advised that I am not accepting any new clients at this time but I do have a waitlist. If you are interested in getting on the waitlist, please feel free to reach out!**

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