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1:1 Experience

Are you thinking about having bariatric weight loss surgery and need support with a S.H.I.F.T?

  • S: Support & Exploration
    - There will be a co-created, safe space with folx who are going through a similar journey. - A space to ask questions, express concerns, and process the information you will receive about your surgery. - A space to feel validated and affirmed, as this process can be challenging! Having a space to have your authentic experience while processing your feelings can be invaluable.
  • H: Honoring Your Why
    - It is assumed that having bariatric surgery is the easy way out....quite the contrary. A decision to have a major surgery is not one to be taken lightly, especially one that is going to change the way that you engage your health. - It is important to look within and explore why you’re making the decision. - I want you to leave, standing firm in your decision and minimizing the negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that may come from the opinions of others.
  • I: Informed
    - As a person who has experienced bariatric surgery, it was helpful to hear other people’s journeys while keeping in mind that every experience is different. - By knowing what to limit (as far as things you ingest), things to bring with you to the hospital, and/or preparing your support system/environment for this big undertaking. - Acknowledging that it’s a change taking place on more than a physical level, but mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.
  • F: Finding Your Community
    - In this co-created space, it will encourage forming bonds with folx because they’ll understand on a level that someone who hasn’t gone through it, cannot. - The ability to share resources, successes, and challenges. - Building friends and family who you get to choose!
  • T: Tips & Tricks For Your Toolbox
    - You’ll receive resources, suggestions, recipes, etc. - Highlighting and celebrating your wins! - Creating and manifesting your vision for the future!
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"I am so excited to be offering this bariatric support group to the masses!⁠

If you or someone you know is interested in bariatric surgery and can use the support from someone who has been through it and create community with those who are also planning to, this would be an excellent place for you to start!" If you're asking yourself if you're ready, join our waitlist to learn more!

- Amber Boyd, LMFT


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