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Are you preparing to have a bariatric journey and feel riddled with questions or concerns?

Support is ONE click away!


Bariatric surgery is a lifetime investment and can be a vital journey for dramatic weight loss. But, if you’re feeling hesitant and unsure, don’t worry – you’re not alone! 

Are you asking yourself:


  • What can I anticipate during the pre- & post-op journey?


  • What are the internal and emotional shifts (and conflicts) that will occur for EVERY patient?


  • Will I be successful at owning the version of myself, post-op?


  • What have I not addressed for myself before embarking on this journey?


  • What’s my relationship to food? 


  • What’s my relationship with my body


  • WHY have I decided to take this journey? 


I’m here to help! Let me guide you and provide the bariatric support you will need throughout every step of your weight loss surgery transformation. I provide a safe, positive, and supportive community for those who are in the pre-op or early post-op phase of their journey. 

"The dieticians are presenting very strict guidelines that may rub up against a lot of places where people feel raw or ashamed. Also, just the overwhelm. I know for me it felt like a lot to have to try and eat in this very different way (as if I could just change how I ate in a blink, this is my problem area!). That change on top of work and other life responsibilities may be a lot for people." JT (Program Participant)

If you decide that you want to see transformations and answer these questions, you will join me for my Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey 1:1 Experience! 

By joining the program, you will receive the following transformations:


Manage the spaces of overwhelm about starting your bariatric journey and the changes that will occur post-op


Challenge the restrictive guidelines of programs by providing grace and validation


Exploring different ways to relate to & engage your body & food


Navigate the changes amongst other life responsibilities and landscapes

"I participated in Amber's Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey 1:1 Experience. The course that Amber has constructed is unlike any other resource that I was connected with while beginning my pre-op bariatric surgery. Through Amber's compassionate and body-positive approach I was able to more deeply understand my reasons for pursuing surgery and be more psychologically prepared for the challenges that will come before, during, and after the surgery." - JT (Program Participant)

"I had a transformational experience working with Amber on my decision to pursue bariatric surgery. Each session was well thought out and spoke to the therapeutic journey. Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey provided information, accountability, and support. I highly recommend it as it helped challenge previous narratives I had about my success and prepared me for all the sites along the way!" - CBL (Program Participant)


After going through the program, you'll be able to:

Meet yourself where you are currently to SUCCESSFULLY usher in a new version of yourself and OWN IT

Answer questions & concerns from both a professional and personal perspective

Give yourself permission to know and feel WORTHY right now vs. delaying care after bariatric surgery from a body-positive approach

Take the shame out of needing additional supports

DSC_2851 - Edited.png

Would you like to hear what others have received from our work together?

"Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey was essential in my initial post-op experience. It provided me with a safe space to share my story. So often, being a fat person, we are asked to shrink ourselves. It was refreshing to be in a space where I could take up as much space as I needed and others could as well."-MAC (Program Participant)

"I am so grateful I found Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey! When I first signed up I was unsure about bariatric surgery, and I was hoping this space would help me navigate if this was the right choice for me. Through this five-week session and Amber's helpful prompts, I was able to gain clarity on why I wanted to have this procedure, what I needed from others and myself to succeed, and what my life could be like after. This experience left me feeling confident in my decision to pursue surgery. This Preparing For Your Bariatric Journey was a game changer and I'm a better person for being a part of it." - MT (Program Participant)


Five 1-hour sessions to understand your journey (your "why"), navigate narratives (including the stories given to you and ones you've made your own), and explore and manage expectations!

Strategies tailored to your specific journey vs. a one-size-fits-all approach

1:1 time with a therapist and a bariatric patient: you can ask questions, share fears, etc. from a validating and compassionate perspective without divvying the time among other participants!

Explore challenges that you may experience post-op!

Questions you may want to ask: yourself, your provider, your support system, etc.!

A space to feel validated and affirmed!

DSC_2842 - Edited.png

You would be able to do all of this in less than 40 days!!


It's Your JOURNEY and it's YOUR CHOICE!

My question to you is:
Would you rather get support earlier in your journey OR take the journey and recognize that you need support where you may have to learn, re-learn, and pay for additional resources/supports? 

If you want more insight into the Preparing For Your Bariatric 1:1 Experience, JOIN THE EMAIL LIST BELOW!

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