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My name is Amber Boyd and if you are stumbling across my blog, it is because you've seen my name in connection to therapy...and that would be accurate, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of California and Texas, and I have an online private practice. While my title is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I work individuals only, which I thoroughly enjoy.

I have been in the field a little over 8 years and knowing the value of having someone in your life who is objective, listens without judgment, and provides sound suggestions, is extremely valuable and I wanted to be able to show up in that capacity. I've had many experiences within my own personal therapy journey, where I was displeased with my service, did not feel seen or heard, or felt dismissed. Later on in that experience, it made me realize that I get the opportunity to use my agency to CHOOSE who provides my care (especially because I am paying for it). After many failed attempts at finding someone who matched my desired therapist, I finally found them, and they matched all of the intersections that meant something for me!

Another reason why I am passionate about being in the field is because we all have a story to share, a background in which we've lived, and things that we carry with us into new circumstances. From trauma to anxiety, depression to body image issues, there is a root in where that comes from, and being able to explore the root is one of the biggest things that has been encouraging. It's so much more than someone telling you what to do, but instead someone taking a journey with you, exploring how you've been impacting by the things that you have experienced and seen. This also comes with trust and rapport. It is difficult to open up to someone that you do not trust, get along with, or can be your authentic self with. In order to address some of the deep seeded issues, it is important to have someone along the ride who will be curios, yet challenges you gently to go deeper, with the assurance that "I GOT YOUR BACK!"

I will be providing content that speaks to my work, my experiences, and things that are of value with my clients with the hope that it provides someone with something that they can use for themselves. With that said, I hope that you take this journey along with me and that if you find something of value, you share it with someone you know or within your own therapeutic journey!


Amber Boyd, LMFT

Healing Through Authenticity

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