• Amber Boyd, LMFT

...Even When Scared!

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity and due to fear, you flee or freeze? I know that I have!

There have been a lot of different occasions in my life where I have not taken certain opportunities because I was too afraid to do so. The fear of embarrassment or going outside of my comfort zone kept me from doing things that I’ve wanted to try. I also have had others have faith in my abilities to do something but that was not enough to quiet down my inner saboteur (shout out to RuPaul!).

There have been moments where I’ve allowed other people’s fears to detour me from doing something because the idea of someone was concerned for me, made me feel uncomfortable.

As a result of giving in to my own fear of possible embarrassment, moving outside of my comfort zone, or falling completely on my face, I’ve stayed in situations that were no longer healthy or healing to me. I stayed because I did not want to disappoint anyway, and no matter what my mind, body, or spirit was telling me, I sat still (antsy but still).

Recently having a discussion about mental health and maintaining boundaries, I was able to sit with a few things:

  1. Intuition

  2. Honoring your voice

  3. Honoring your mind, body, and spirit

When we allow ourselves to take away our own voice, when we do not listen to the gut feelings, when we do not honor our mind, bodies, and spirits we immediately take away our agency. Fear allows for these things not to be heard, felt, honored.

Fear can be a mechanism to let one know of danger, but it is also a deterrent from what you know about yourself. When you listen to your intuition, the feeling that you have in your gut, the discomfort you feel about a situation, you free that piece of yourself from suffering in silence.

There are things that you were meant to do in this world and yes, maybe it may impact others which is great, but also setting a precedent for yourself that you are CAPABLE, you are WORTHY, and you PHENOMENAL.

Whether it turns out exactly how you planned or not, the fact that you took a chance on yourself is amazing and you should be proud of YOU!

*The fear of looking over the edge may be more terrifying than taking the leap!

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