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2019...The Year of Change & 2020...The Year of Possibility

There are moments in our lives that require us to make moves: knowing a situation is no longer serving the purpose that it once was and THAT is the time to move our feet. Although this moment can be fear-provoking, without prior knowledge about how it is going to turn out, that change can be the thing that sparks all of the intentions and manifestations previously set.

With that said, this is what my 2019 felt like. In 2017, I told myself that it was going to to be the year that I start making moves for myself. Someone sent me a link that contained a method to think about how to break down the year.

For the past three years, I have been starting my year off with setting intentions in this manner, and for the year 2019, it has been about PEACE, AUTHENTICITY, and INDEPENDENCE. At the end of 2018, I was coming up on a year at what I considered my dream job, working with students of color at my alma mater, and I (along with the support of colleagues) created the position of Wellness Coordinator & Counselor. BUT...for some reason, I still did not feel completely aligned. Don't get me wrong, I loved the work with the students, that part was so humbling and amazing. While I had a moment feeling relatively lost, I had a moment with an amazing colleague and I was asked: "where does your heart call you outside of CA?" My answer, without much thought, I said: HOUSTON! After sitting, ruminating, and processing, I thought to share it out loud with my family and every time that I spoke to them, they would say: "you're going to Houston, right?" I was completely surprised.

I was then tasked to start thinking about logistics: receiving my Texas Marriage and Family Therapy License, housing, and where was I going to work. I was overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and planning, but also excited about all of the new possibilities:


The one thing that I did not account for in all of my excitement to embark upon this new journey, all of the farewells. Like our recently dearly departed Kobe Bryant (RIP Mamba), I went on a farewell tour, starting with my job at UC Berkeley as the Wellness Coordinator and Counselor. I had to say farewell to my colleagues, but the farewell to the students wast the most heartfelt. I received thoughtful paintings, journals, items to take with me along the journey and they also reminded me that they will also take with them the gifts that I provided to them: a different mindset in seeing themselves and the issues that they were enduring. That was the ultimate takeaway for me!

Next, I had to say farewell to my friends! My friends are some of the most loyal and hilarious people that I have been blessed to come across and saying farewell to them was soooo difficult. My weekends had been filled with laughter, being around their respective families, and sharing in each other's accomplishments.

Lastly, I had to say farewell to my family! My family is my wings--They provide me the unmitigated gal to believe that no matter what, I will have air beneath my wings, that if I just jump, the air will do its thing! I know that I don't say it enough but they supported me with having belief in myself the way that I do, giving me the MAMBA MENTALITY...that I am capable of all things if I push forward, even when I can't see the road in front of me, to keep going anyway!


With two friends, we packed up and drove for three days from California to Texas!

Since moving to Houston, I have started my online practice dedicated to clients who identify as people of color, dealing with depression, anxiety, work/life balance, the complexities of their identities, and generational traumas. I was (am) dedicated to making this work speak to those who desire to have a clinician who is familiar with the things that they bring to the table, being met where they are (both literally and emotionally), and doing it in a way that sits within my morals and values.

2020: The Year of Possibility

I framed this year in this manner because it is a reminder that when I set my intentions/goals, executed them, and stayed the course I was SUCCESSFUL and I am DAMN proud of that! Of all of the things that I have accomplished, this move into a business to provide therapy in my own terms has been one of the most rewarding endeavors thus far. It has also been some of the most challenging because I have done a lot of the preparation work in isolation. THEREFORE, my intentions for this year are to: create a network of therapists in the area that I am in and those who are also specializing in online therapy, engage more specializations, and continue to meet clients where they are!

Healing Through Authenticity!

If you are visiting my page and looking for a therapist, please feel free to check out my website and what I provide feels like a fit for what you are looking for, you are welcome to reach out and we can schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation and discuss the information regarding my practice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you visit again!


Amber Boyd, LMFT

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